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If you're aspiring for a distinguished career in academic, engineering, medical or the civil services, you can't do better than joining Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network, a peerless, pioneering institution in education, the largest of its kind all over in Jammu. Every year, students from every corner of the Jammu come to Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network for help in achieving their career goals. We specially prepare students for Academic Classes (1st to 12th). Also prepare students for Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses. From all these we also prepare students for Competitive Exams and other Job Oriented Courses

Excellent course material, experienced faculty and a committed management have built Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network into the most trusted institution in the area of preparing students for competitive entrance examinations for admission to professional courses.

About Us

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Our courses start from student studying in class Ist and goes up till class XII appearing / passed. Our courses are mainly divided into many divisions and are named as Medical, Engineering, etc. These course programs can be availed as Regular Program, Distance Learning Program and Short-Term Program. we believe in taking early initiatives to reap early benefits and therefore we support students from very early phases in their education.

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We Offer Courses like :

  • Classwise Courses.
  • Under Graduate Courses.
  • Post Graduate Courses.
  • Paramedical Courses.
  • Language Courses (Read & Write).
  • Competitive Exams.
  • Job Oriented Courses.
  • Special Courses for Weak & Re-appear students.
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