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Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network supports young talent and helps them develop their knowledge base, skill set in order to pursue a successful career in a wide range of specializations in Medical, Engineering, etc. spheres. In Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network, we believe in taking early initiatives to reap early benefits and therefore we support students from very early phases in their education.

Our courses start from student studying in class Ist and goes up till class XII appearing / passed. Our courses are mainly divided into many divisions and are named as Medical, Engineering, etc. These course programs can be availed as Regular Program, Distance Learning Program and Short-Term Program.

About Our Faculty

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In Sumit Khajuria Home Tuition Network, Strength of Teachers which have been joined hands with our network are quite well experienced and educated. Now the strength has been increased upto 1000 all over in Jammu and are specialized in their specific areas with vast knowledge of the related subjects.

In our system firstly we give demo for 3 days, after completion of demo, on 4th day we finalize the tuition. Our procedure as :

  • First 2 days : Introduction & Test is taken to check the level of the student and demo classes are given.
  • Next 2 days : Finalize the Tuition by taking a feedback from parents and students itself.
  • If the Tuition is Final then we take in advance fee of 15 days and rest of the payment can cleared after 15 days.

NOTE : Fees is based on hourly basis.